How To Recover From A Google Penalty

By | December 9, 2013

Usually a Google penalty comes from actions that go against Google’s Guidelines. If you find yourself being a victim of poor efforts in the past then there are several steps to take to correct those issues.  Google looks at buying and selling of links as a violation so they usually take action against that and those are some of the common guideline violations. A common way to correct issues is to use the disavow tool Google released to disavow the links that are breaking the guidelines or that are spammy and of poor quality.

If you have a large number of links from specific domains that are bought or spammy in nature then you can disavow that entire domain. Matt Cutts talks about these actions on a monumental scale in this Google Webmaster Help video.


Now if you have a few hundred links then using Open Site Explorer or Ahrefs and webmaster tools are some free and affordable options. You will have to manually look through and check the links for their low quality. If you have several thousand links then going through them can be time consuming so consider a tool like Link Detox that can speed up the process and export you a disavow sheet.

Disavow Links Tool

To learn more about the Google Disavow Links Tool you can view the following video where Matt Cutts talks about the tool and what steps to take to begin getting rid of your Google penalty. If you are able to get the bad links removed via email to the website owner then that is the recommended method and the best choice. However sometimes you will not get links taken down when requested or they may try to hold you hostage and require payment for removal or just will not respond to your emails. This is where the disavow tool comes in handy.

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