CinchTweet Review

By | November 26, 2017

Welcome and thanks for checking out our review of  CinchTweet by Cindy Donovan.

What IS CinchTweet?

CinchTweet Review

We got it so we can show you what it is! 🙂

FIRST though – before we jump into what it is – let’s see if if is even something that would help you.

Do any of the following apply to you?

  1. You have a website?
  2. You run an ECommerce Store
  3. You have a YouTube Channel, Facebook Page, or a Blog?

If you answered yes to ANY of these questions, you want to pay attention to what we are about to share with you.

If you have an social following you know how much work is involved to keep your audience engaged, retweet posts, filtering out who you follow and more.

Anyway, let’s take a look at the features CinchTweet itself has to offer

It’s easy for me to get distracted, but I REALLY wanted to share with you the importance of this product for your business before I even got to my review.

Now, having said that… I have to say right up front that CinchTweet is the EASIEST to use Messenger app I’ve EVER used.

This is actually COMPLETELY different than other bots you’re used to, that work with Twitter.  CinchTweet works with your audience to automatically grow it based on various filters and detection protocols.

It’s SUPER easy to use, and you’re going to find in no time you’re getting a focused growth to your Twitter Account.

Location Based Following: CinchTweet allows you to decide if you want to follow only certain locations. This allows you to target your local area and drive users from there to your business from your Twitter account.

Follow Limits: Within the software you can set your minimum and maximum ranges for followers. So if you want it to only follow accounts with 500 followers you can set that limit as your minimum. This allows you to make sure your following active relevant accounts.

Un-Follow: The software can be set to automatically un-follow anyone who does not follow you back. This will help you keep a more balanced and engaged following

Personalized Re-Tweeting And Following: Once CinchTweet has followed someone you can allow it to retweet their tweets automatically to your Twitter feed.

Negative & Positive Filter: You just need to apply the filter and this software will like and re-tweet based on positive or negative factors in the tweet.

Mentions Filter: You select the desired mentions and this software will only like and re-tweet those tweets with your selected mentions.

Video, Image & Vine Filter: Use this filter and CinchTweet will only like and re-tweet those tweets that have video, images or a vine.

Activity Tracking: CinchTweet will track all activity and show you the numbers of followers, re-tweets and likes you have gained.

Comment Posting: CinchTweet can also post tweet comments related to your niche and allows you to define what the comments are.

And much much more…

Here’s a quick demo video showing how it works:

It’s just a minute, and gives a better understand how this can help your business! 🙂

Pretty cool, right?

Anyway, it’s STUPID simple to use.

My CinchTweet Review

Obviously, you can see the benefit of using a tool like this.  In my OWN testing, I was able to see an effective growth in my Twitter account.

At any rate, I HIGHLY recommend you pick this up now – BUT don’t just sit on your butt after you buy it – put the time into taking action and you WILL love the results! 🙂

(Plus, you also get access to my killer bonus, below!)

My CinchTweet Bonus

ALRIGHT – what Review would NOT be complete without an AMAZING bonus to accompany it.

As you know from above – I HAVE reviewed the course and have put together a few things that I feel could help make YOUR experience as a CinchTweet user better.

CinchTweet is an AMAZING product meant to help you build your Twitter following in record time.

To help with this, I have put together 3 highly detailed no fluff guides that will show YOU some things you may be struggling with understanding, and a few other suprises!

  • Bonus #1 ($150 Value) –  Social Marketing Advantage Video Series:
    • 3 Ways to use Google Plus for increased visibility
    • Creating your first Facebook Live Stream
    • Top Tips to Effective Instagram marketing
    • How to Create Headlines that your Audience will Click With
    • and ALOT more.
  • Bonus #2 ($27 Value) –  Matching Your Message To Your Market
    • 14 minute audio track.
    • How to be specific with your message
    • Target the need of your audience
    • Fill a demand
    • + much, much more!
  • Bonus #3 –  Social Media Traffic Tips ($27.00 Value)
    • How to leverage interactive posts to increase engagement
    • How to EASILY post when your audience is active
    • How to properly use trends to gain more interaction
    • And much, much more…

Do I have your attention yet?  I thought so 🙂

>> Here’s what you do: Sign up for CinchTweet here, then EMAIL ME your receipt for your bonuses! 🙂

You DO need to click on MY link and give me the affiliate credit in order to get the bonuses – so make sure my link is the last you clicked.

>>> Get CinchTweet NOW with my bonuses

Talk soon and if you have ANY questions, please let me know!

Grant Brott

 Disclaimer: Results may not be typical nor expected for every person. Grant Brott will be compensated when you join through the link on this page to CinchTweet’s enrollment and you will be entitled to the bonuses from Grant Brott. Grant Brott cannot guarantee your results. By clicking the buttons above, you will be directed to CinchTweet’s presentation page. Grant Brott is not accountable for any claims made outside of this page.

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